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Travel.  Adventure.  The outdoors and the natural world.  That's what I like to write about. 

But don't pigeon-hole me!  I have covered everything from Alzheimer's to asparagus and from land conservation to farmers markets at Phish shows. Editors: I can write your assignment well, and get it to you on-time. Readers: keep reading. Everyone else: I hope you get to do what you love in a place where you love doing it.  Like freelance writing in Richmond, Vermont. 


If there's snow on the ground, I'm doing laps in the Vermont backcountry or skiing at Stowe Mountain Resort, where I'm a supervisor in the ski school.  I've been teaching skiing for 18 years in Utah, Arizona, the German Alps, and Vermont.  When I'm not at my writing desk, you can find me on the slopes.

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